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"Massein" from Greek means "kneading", "shaping", this practice is the oldest form of physical therapy in the world since the eastern civilizations in India and China. Massage is now universally recognized as a remedy for relieving pain and relaxing muscles in physiotherapy, but also for beauty treatments. In fact, there are various types of massage: painless, anti-cellulite, anti-stress, aesthetic, curative, etc. ...

In this regard ProduceShop wants, with its catalog of products for Aesthetics and Massage, give "relief" to both professionals and its users. Our catalogue of products for beauty and massage in fact ranges from various types of massage beds (folding, fixed, wooden or aluminum), ergonomic stools and orthopedic chairs, up to professional massage chairs or relaxation chairs for people with reduced mobility.

Personal care is not limited to massage alone, in fact the beauty and wellness sector includes a wide range of manicure tables for professionals, a series of products designed specifically for aesthetics, functional and where the customer will be given the practices of manicure in respect of comfort and practicality.

The range of proposals in the category Aesthetics and Massage is for both professionals and customers who need to have a small personal SPA at home. The experience of ProduceShop is a guarantee of quality, it is up to you to choose your preferred product and take advantage of the resulting well-being in terms of health and beauty.

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Professional Massage Table Reclining Back 225 cm COMFORT

£ 269.95 £ 354.95

Table for manicure and nail reconstruction with vacuum fan SHARPIE

£ 239.95 £ 329.95

Pedicure podiatry chair and foot massage IDRO PULP

£ 299.95 £ 369.95

REIKI 3-Section Wooden Portable & Folding Massage Table 215 cm

£ 109.95 £ 199.95

Professional Massage Table Adjustable Reclining 225 cm MASSAGE PRO

£ 299.95 £ 384.95

IRest Massage Chair SL-A151 3D Massage HEAVEN

£ 749.95 £ 839.95

Table for manicure and nail reconstruction with vacuum cleaner drawer...

£ 229.95 £ 319.95

Portable folding table for manicure and nail reconstruction EASYNAILS

£ 119.95 £ 199.95

Electric Massage Chair by iRest with Full Body Massage SHUTTLE

£ 1,799.95 £ 1,899.95

THAI 3-Section Portable & Folding Massage Table Aluminium 210 cm

£ 129.95 £ 199.95

Manicure table and nail reconstruction with RODART vacuum cleaner

£ 189.95 £ 269.95

Table for manicure and nail reconstruction with vacuum fan ADEAM

£ 199.95 £ 289.95

SHIATSU 2-Section Portable & Folding Massage Table Aluminium 215 cm

£ 119.95 £ 199.95

Electric Massage Chair IRest Sl-A389 GALAXY EGG

£ 1,999.95 £ 2,499.95

Kneeling Ergonomic Office Chair Swedish BALANCEWOOD

£ 79.95 £ 159.95

iRest Massage Armchair SL-A158 Professional Reclinable 180° QUEEN

£ 979.95 £ 1,099.95

Manicure table and nail reconstruction with vacuum cleaner and drawers...

£ 249.95 £ 339.95

Kneeling Chair Ergonomic Postural BALANCESTEEL

£ 79.95 £ 139.95

Professional Stool with Wheels Backrest and Adjustable Height LUX

£ 69.95 £ 94.95