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This is ProduceShop's range of stock offers of high quality 100% Made in Italy design chairs for the interior design of restaurants, bars, hotels or clubs.

These stocks of chairs are all ready to be shipped, and they are all made using only high quality materials to ensure maximum comfort and functionality along with maximum safety. All these stocks are made of stakable chairs, easy to handle, strong, and built to guarantee maximum efficiency for public use, as stated by the proper certification. If you choose our stocks of chairs for indoor, you will be choosing a leading company in this field, able to meet the needs of every type of customer, both in terms of assistance and usability. Indeed all the stocks available are ready for delivery and can be delivered in 3 to 5 working days.

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Lot of 20 Design chairs for Bars Pubs Restaurants CUISINE

£ 709.95 £ 789.95

18 Transparent Stacking Chairs Grand Soleil DUNE

£ 919.95 £ 1,229.95

Lot of 18 Transparent Design Chairs Made in Italy for Restaurants HYPNOTIC

£ 949.95 £ 1,239.95

Lot of 20 Garden Stacking Chairs with Metal Legs BOULEVARD

£ 659.95 £ 859.95

Lot of 20 Professional Garden Chairs Made in Italy BOHEME

£ 499.95 £ 624.95