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Shoe cabinets
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White Shoe Rack and Storage organizer with 6 Drop-Leaf Drawers holds 24...

£ 314.95 £ 464.95
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Shoe Rack and Storage Organizer Closet Multi-purpose Drawer Natural Oak...

£ 234.95 £ 309.95
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HARBOR modern design wooden shoe rack

£ 279.95 £ 349.95
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Modern design white shoe cabinet with 2 doors for 16 pairs Ping W16

£ 229.95 £ 299.95
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Modern design slate grey shoe cabinet with 2 doors for 16 pairs Ping A16

£ 229.95 £ 299.95
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Modern design cement grey shoe cabinet with 2 doors for 16 pairs Ping C16

£ 229.95 £ 299.95
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Collecting shoes is inevitable, we all love them. A shoe rack has become a necessity in any house, it's the best way to store multiple pairs, out of sight and in a tidy, organized way.

As beautiful as they are, shoes are used for walking everywhere and can bring dirt into the closet, where other clothing are present.

For this reason a shoe cabinet is the perfect ally. It is an extremely versatile storage cabinet that not only performs the function of keeping one's shoes tidily, but also contributes to optimizing the use of confined spaces, placing itself easily in almost any room of the house and is especially suitable to decorate both the living area of ​​the entrance and the sleeping area of ​​the bedrooms.

It is a piece of furniture that can hold a large number of shoes without taking away excessive space and stands out mainly in open and closed compositions. In terms of aesthetics, closed shoe racks are much more welcome than open ones, in fact the complete camouflage of this complement with the rest of the furniture makes the presence inside the living spaces less intrusive and also more pleasing to the eye.

Furthermore, closed shoe racks are more robust and durable and are chosen by customers above all for the greater tidy effect they give to the environment.

Discover our exclusive selection of the best modern shoe racks in the catalog: within our range of offers you will certainly find the furnishing accessory that best suits your needs and which will help define the style of your home!