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    Recessed and Freestanding Bathtubs

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Recessed and Freestanding Bathtubs
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Here you may find our selection of freestanding and recessed bathtubs to decorate your bathroom with elegance and style with more than affordable pieces of furniture without sacrificing quality, thanks to new solutions and innovative materials.

Our bathtubs, both recessed and free standing, are carefully selected to identify and offer to the public the righ innovative solutions to ideally decorate your bathroom affordably, without wasting your money. We are used to think of ceramic as a difficult material, hard to work with and expensive. Today, though, technology and production have made huge steps forward and there are many free standing and recessed bathtubs that satisfy all the most important requirements, aesthetically and functionally, at an affordable price. Indeed, there are now acrylic resins, fiberglass with porcelain surface effect and other solutions that provide all the advantages of expensive porcelain without its weight, mass and, most importantly, producton costs.

A pleasing vivid and bright effect covers up the surface of these freestanding and recessed bathtubs. Water flows softly and effortlessly, just like soft is the feeling to the touch when we lay in them after drawing ourselves a hot bath. Rather than porcelain or ceramics, which are heavy and extremely easy to break, dent or scratch, these bathtubs are extremely resistant to wear and hurts and also extremely easy to clean, which is important considering that said bathtub will be placed in your bath. Hardly affected by limescale and humidity, if these bathtubs actually get stained, a simple remover with a sponge will do the job easily in a matter of minutes.

The weight of these bathtubs is definitely less than a traditional ceramic bathtub, even with the same capacity and more resistance to bumps. A bathtub is also a complicated product with many different variables. Therefore we tried to satisfy all customers' needs by offering free standing bathtub, recessed bathtub with a panel on the right or the left, holes for faucets or without holes, in accordance with your existing bathroom or choice of decoration.

What are you waiting for then? Pick your favourite bathtub, free standing or recessed accordingly to your needs, with or without holes, just like you wish, and you will have made the right choice.

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Complete Set of Bathroom Furniture: Mirror Cabinet and Sink in Lacquered...

£ 109.95 £ 174.95

Recessed Bathtub in Acrylic Fibreglass and Stainless Steel Design OZONE

£ 259.95 £ 359.95

Free Standing Bathtub Elegant Design Acrylic Fibreglass and Stainless...

£ 749.95 £ 949.95

Free Standing Bathtub in Acrylic with Fibreglass and Stainless Steel...

£ 749.95 £ 849.95

MILO Rectangular Design Freestanding Bathtub

£ 749.95 £ 899.95

ZANTE Classic Design Freestanding Bathtub

£ 699.95 £ 949.95

ICARIA Modern Design Rectangular Freestanding Bathtub

£ 699.95 £ 899.95

MALTA Liberty Design Freestanding Bathtub With High Back

£ 699.95 £ 899.95

ARBE Oval-Shaped Resin Freestanding Bathtub

£ 699.95 £ 899.95

ANDRO Classic Design Resin Freestanding Tub

£ 649.95 £ 899.95

MAIORCA French Vintage Freestanding Bathtub With Retro Feet

£ 549.95 £ 999.95

EUBEA Resin Rectangular Freestanding Tub with Classic Design

£ 749.95 £ 899.95

Freestanding Oval Bathtub Independent Modern Desing IDRA

£ 549.95 £ 699.95

Bathtub Freestanding Oval Installation Free Desing SIRO

£ 559.95 £ 709.95