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The pillow is not a simple rectangle of fabric stuffed with soft material, but it is a real companion that generously supports our head for about a third of life, and like the network and the mattress, it is an element that significantly determines the quality of sleep and rest.

When choosing a pillow, the most important characteristics to take into consideration are undoubtedly the right height closely linked to an adequate consistency, essential elements for optimal comfort.

If you sleep on the wrong pillow you risk suffering from back as well as neck and upper limbs ailments, even very serious ones, which often result in a feeling of discomfort upon waking; if the pillow is too soft, the neck collapses inside, while if it is too rigid the problem is reversed; in both cases the cervical spine is therefore forced to maintain an unnatural position. Broadly speaking, a quality standard pillow should be about one meter wide by 10 to 20 centimeters high.

As well as the height, the material is also very important in choosing a good pillow, and in this regard the cushions equipped with the Memory Foam system are the most beneficial from a point of view.

Thanks to specially designed gels, Memory Foam cushions are able not only to adapt to the shape of the head and neck of the user by exploiting the heat it emanates, but also to literally memorize it:

when you turn around during sleep, the internal composition of the pillow receives the weight of the head in a progressive manner, following its every movement and returning to its original shape gradually and steadily; in this way the Memory Foam ensures an anatomically correct position reducing pressure points to a minimum and promoting blood flow.

In addition to the selection of the best ergonomic pillows on the market, in this section you will find one of the products of excellence designed to ensure a much healthier and regenerating sleep, it is the Memory Foam pillow with linings enriched in Aloe Vera, the prodigious plant with anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties able to strengthen the immune system and at the same time carry out an antibacterial and antiviral action.

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