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Honey and citrus lacquered ribs? Crème brûlée with matcha tea? Or topinambour sauté in herb-scented sauce? Nothing is impossible when it comes to aromas and flavors, but cooking is easier if you have the right utensils... Pots, pans, wok, pans, baking pans or steaks. In the assortment of ProduceShop you will find many products made with innovative materials for a healthy, easy and fast kitchen, efficient and to save time and energy without sacrificing style and design. Any recipe will therefore be within your reach thanks to the set of pots and pans selected for you by ProduceShop. Many of our pots and pans have a non-stick inner coating, made of stone or innovative and natural coatings that facilitate cooking and washing.

In addition, thanks to the non-stick coating, the food does not stick and the ergonomic handles make it easier to lift the dishes. Elegant outside and coated inside the pots of the selection ProduceShop allow you to cook better and have high quality products that last over time. All the products in our line are intelligently designed with an intermediate layer of aluminium that distributes heat in an optimal way.

In short, whether they are made of stone or aluminium, non-stick, suitable for stoves, hobs and other types of cooking; the pots proposed by ProduceShop are suitable for every need. A winning mix of tradition, innovation, design and colour for a touch of style to give to your utensils: the line of products for the kitchen proposed by ProduceShop offers versatile solutions to give free rein to your creative art, every day.

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Set of Nonstick Pots Pans with Lids 7 Pieces BIO COOK OIL

£ 79.95 £ 179.95
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Set of Pots Pans Nonstick Tools with Lids 7 Pieces VIVACE

£ 74.95 £ 174.95
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Cookware Set Pots and Pans Nonstick Coating 10 Pieces PIETRA&GUSTO

£ 119.95 £ 219.95
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