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Outdoor tables made in durable yet beautiful plastic fiber. Classy and convenient.

Our outdoor tables are designed to be convenient, as the most important thing, and then versatile, to meet all kind of demands and needs that you might have. Indeed they are well suited to a majority of different events, from an outside summer breakfast between family, to a larger gathering, including weddings. This makes them a perfect choice for restaurants and clubs hosting outdoor events, since they need a classy look matched by durability and comfort. We can meet different kind of demands, as the vast availability of colours and shapes allows for.

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Garden Bar Table for Outdoors ZAVOR

£ 64.95 £ 104.95

Lot 14 Square Garden Tables in Polyrattan, 80x80, special offer.

£ 799.95 £ 899.95

Special Offer: Lot of 12 square garden tables for restaurants bars and...

£ 599.95 £ 659.95

Special Offer: 12 Polyrattan 150x90 cm Tables for Outdoors for Bars...

£ 749.95 £ 869.95

Coffee table storage box cushions for garden lounge sets outdoor RAFFAELLO

£ 59.95 £ 99.95