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    Outdoor Benches and Tables

Outdoor Benches and Tables

Outdoor Benches and Tables
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Set of Three Legged Wooden Table 2 Benches For Outdoor Dinners Events...

£ 199.95 £ 229.95
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Set Of Dining Outdoors Wooden Two Legged Benches And Table 220x80

£ 189.95 £ 204.95
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Set Of 10 Wooden Outdoor Table And 2 Three Legged Benches 220x80

£ 1,629.95 £ 1,699.95
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Set of 2 Spare Legs For Folding Bench

£ 39.95 £ 79.95
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Cagebox Galvanised Steel Storage Cage For Wooden Beer Table & Bench Sets

£ 998.95 £ 1,069.95
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Set of Garden Folding Wooden Benches and Table for Outdoors

£ 209.95 £ 244.95
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Two Legged Wooden Outdoors Dining Furniture Table 220 x 80

£ 129.95 £ 144.95
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10 Set of Folding Table and 2 Benches Wooden Furniture Outdoors

£ 1,629.95 £ 1,889.95
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Set of 10 Two Legged Wooden Outdoors Table 220x80

£ 944.95 £ 1,099.95
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Outdoor benches and tables for pubs, food parlours or public events

Our sets of benches and tables are meant for any pub, club, food vendor or public event; they are designed to meet the most common need of customers: affordability and quality.

Our wooden tables and benches are no match to those you can find in economy stores or discount malls, as the structure and quality of the wood in ours are undoubtedly superior. We offer different types of products, provided with tubular frame and 2 or 3 legs option for the benches.

Smart, functional and durable. An easy solution to many different needs. Get yours today!