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    Professional Massage Parlour Furniture

Professional Massage Parlour Furniture

Professional Massage Parlour Furniture
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Reiki 3-Section Wooden Portable & Folding Massage Table 215 cm

£ 119.95 £ 199.95
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Professional Massage Table Reclining Back 225 cm Comfort

£ 309.95 £ 374.95
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Professional Massage Table Adjustable Reclining 225 cm MASSAGE Pro

£ 314.95 £ 384.95
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Thai 3-Section Portable & Folding Aluminium Massage Table 210 cm

£ 139.95 £ 199.95
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Shiatsu 2-Section Portable & Folding Massage Table Aluminium 215 cm

£ 129.95 £ 199.95
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Massage table paper roll holder Loader xl

£ 29.95 £ 39.95
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Massage beds and folding benches for beauticians, tattooists, physiotherapists, wellness centers, SPAs and aestheticians.

If you are looking for a professional wooden esthetician bed, you can from our selection of durable, strong, robust and reliable models that are absolutely comfortable and practical to carry.

ProduceShop employs its expertise and know-how, developed over the years by researching and selecting products in the field of physiotherapy and medicine, to offer the best products with the best value for money this category.

With these professional massage beds, built with high quality materials, you can perform massages and wellness treatments of any type: massotherapy, physiotherapy, reiki massage, aesthetic treatments, tattoos, acupuncture sessions and plant reflexology.

Our selection of products is complemented by other professional furniture, such as stools for beauticians, tattooists and physiotherapists.

Our massage tables and benches are an unbeatable opportunity for a professional quality product at the best price online! Take advantage of it now!