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In the field of interior design, the living room is one of the spaces that mostly characterizes and defines a home, allowing for the most freedom in style choices.

The furnishing of a home always starts from the right living room, for this reason the correct choice of furniture for the living area is indispensable for every type of home, from the most classic to the most modern. A well thought out living room is able to transform a home, creating a welcoming environment and providing your family and guest with an inviting and peaceful atmosphere to be in.

The living area is a fundamental part of the house that must be well organized taking into account the inhabitant's life style and the needs of any guests. Furniture elements dedicated to conversation such as sofas are almost a requirement, as are comfortable armchairs for relaxation and walls equipped to arrange a TV or different decorations. Sideboards for storing dining sets, practical bookcases for displaying literature, and versatile chests of drawers for storing objects of daily use are also great additions to a living room environment.

From modern to classic style, from minimalism to industrial design, there are so many furnishing ideas for the living room. We aimed to select only the best furnishing accessories that are able to fit effectively into any living area, while contributing, with their extreme versatility, in creating an environment with a refined aesthetic, and capable of housing you and your family in the best possible way.

Discover our assortment: our collection will surely inspire you to choose furniture for your living room so that you can feel at home from the first moment!

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White lacquered modern design living room wall system MANHATTAN

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Wall system for living room modern design gray and white lacquered BEVERLY

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Modern design modular sofa in 3 seater fabric ISLA BONITA

£ 1,199.95 £ 1,399.95
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