• LED Christmas lights Solar Power

LED Christmas lights Solar Power
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LED Christmas Lights: the magic of Christmas with the technology of tomorrow

Our selection of LED Christmas Lights stems out of years of research based on the development of a cheap, low consumption and ambient friendly, while at the same time delivering magical lighting to contribute in creating an even more magical Christmas. You can put these lighting in the inside or the outside of your home, and creatively decorate your surroundings. After all, it's that one time of the year, better make it wonderful. And you can rest assured that in the knowledge that these lighting will not affect your electrical bill, as they are completely sun powered, you will want to celebrate Christmas all year round.

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Solar christmas lights, wire 100 led

£ 34.95 £ 39.95

Solar christmas lights, tube 50 led

£ 34.95 £ 74.95

Projector LED Laser with Solar Panel and Remote Control CHRISTMAS

£ 59.95 £ 89.95

Solar christmas lights, 4 white ICICLE leds

£ 34.95 £ 44.95

Solar christmas lights, decorative net 50 led

£ 29.95 £ 69.95

Solar christmas lights, curtain with blue led

£ 34.95 £ 74.95