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Kitchen and bar chairs for indoors
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Kitchen and restaurant chairs: stackable, easy to clean and highly durable, perfect to decorate with style, practicality and affordability your business as well as your house.

Here you may find our selection of restaurant and kitchen chairs. We carefully selected the best chairs that are stackable, ergonomic and washable, well suited to be placed in professional settings. You may find all our range of transparent chairs, made with advanced and highly resistant polycarbonate. We are always on the lookout for new stylish and modern chairs, so to meet all kinds of demands and to fit in all sorts of interiors. At the same time we identified all the main features that make a chair perfect for a bar or restaurant, so to combine elegance, comfort and practicality: smart chairs with good looks. A bar chair must not be simply stackable but it has to be able to add style and beauty to a place. Indeed, a restaurant chair can't be ugly, even if it is ergonomic and easy to move around during the end of the day cleaning. Our selection of kitchen and restaurant chairs include an ample range of high quality Made in Italy furniture, excellent products made with innovative materials showing strong vivid colours, like the polypropylene chairs or the transparent chairs in polycarbonate. Perfect for any restaurant or club, these chairs will make for a luxurious choice for your kitchen or living room as well. Having a washable, stackable and ergonomic chair may be fundamental for a restaurant but it will make a difference for your kitchen as well, to make it beautiful and smart at the same time. Such practical and elegant chairs should not lead us to think of absurd prices. Production today has made giant steps forward, just like distribution channel did. Simply by avoiding the most notorious circles, those who spend more for ads than they do for the chair, to obtain high quality goods at a much more than reasonable price. Our restaurant and kitchen chairs are a perfect example. Complying with the right criteria does not impact that much on the overall price.

All you need is to select the right materials, like polypropylene, polyrattan or polycarbonate, which are latest generation innovations that are cheap to work with but extremely durable and resistant with highly vivid colours that won't fade over time. Just like most design items you can find, these materials are not expensive to manufacture. Furthermore, if you choose to purchase from the right source, like our website, where products are brought directly from the manufacturer to the customer, prices will be more than affordable. A business have no need for cheap chairs meant as low quality furniture. Affordable in this case means "the best possible value for money". You can't compromise on quality when your business depends on these chairs but you shouldn't waste more money than it is needed, as it may be better spent somewhere else to improve other aspects of your service. This is valid also for kitchen chairs. To place a restaurant chair in your kitchen, even if it won't suffer from heavy usage like in a bar, has many advantages. Think about cleaning your kitchen or living room, even the chairs themselves. It will be easier and you won't need to compromise beauty over practicality. A washable chair is also a waterproof chair. It is well worth reminding that this restaurant and kitchen chairs made of polyrattan, polycarbonate and polypropylene, are ideal for exteriors and interiors just the same. They won't suffer from the weather, water, not even sunrays. Indeed, they won't fade out under UV rays like most cheap plastic chairs will do. You may find the more "traditional" garden chairs in polyrattan or those coloured polypropylene chairs perfect to decorate the exteriors of your bar or restaurant. Browse this selection of kitchen, bar and restaurant chairs, you will definitely find the right one for you!

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Chair for Kitchen Home Bar made of Polypropylene Design RESTAURANT

£ 34.95 £ 52.95

Chair made of Polypropylene for Kitchen Bar Restaurant and Garden...

£ 34.95 £ 47.95

Design Chair for Dining Home Bar Kitchen Belloch BARCELONA

£ 34.95 £ 47.95

Lot of 4 Vintage Design Chairs Country Style CUISINE

£ 139.95 £ 184.95

Coloured Plastic Design Chair for Garden Bars Restaurants COLOR

£ 34.95 £ 57.95

Stackable Chair for Kitchens and Gardens Weatherproof Anti UV CROSS

£ 32.95 £ 52.95

Polypyopylene Garden Chair for Indoors and Outdoors Stackable GARDEN...

£ 34.95 £ 47.95

Polypropylene Anti UV Design Chair for Outdoors & Indoors GELATERIA

£ 34.95 £ 57.95

Polypropylene Chair for Kitchen Garden Bar and Restaurant NAPOLEON III

£ 34.95 £ 47.95

Vintage Design Chair for Weddings Catering Dining and Garden CHIAVARINA

£ 34.95 £ 52.95

Dining chair rush seating wooden for kitchen bars pubs PAESANA

£ 34.95 £ 49.95

Wooden Dining Chair Kitchen Living Dining Room SILVANA

£ 52.95 £ 64.95

Wooden chair with straw seat for living room and dining room SILVANA PAGLIA

£ 52.95 £ 64.95

Dining Chair WOODEN Eiffel with Padded Bar Kitchen Living CHESTER

£ 44.95 £ 49.95

Design Chair with Cushion Dining Kitchen Cafè with a Scandinavian TULIP...

£ 34.95 £ 47.95

Design Chair with Fabric Seat Scandinavian TULIP NORDICA PLUS Dining...

£ 59.95 £ 72.95

Design Chair DSW PATCHWORK Scandinavian Offices Living Rooms Cafè

£ 54.95 £ 69.95

WOODEN Eiffel Design Armchair for Home Interiors Lounge Bars PATCHWORK

£ 79.95 £ 199.95

Scandinavian Dining Design Chair for Living Bars Restaurants DEXER

£ 49.95 £ 64.95

Scandinavian Dining Design Chair for Bars Offices Waiting Lounge KOMODA

£ 64.95 £ 92.95

GRUVYER Grand Soleil Stackable Chair for Kitchen and Bar made of...

£ 36.95 £ 54.95

GRUVYER Stackable Chair made of Transparent Polycarbonate for Bars and...

£ 87.95 £ 136.95

PARIS Grand Soleil Stackable Chair For Kitchen Home Bar made of...

£ 34.95 £ 57.95

Polypropylene Dining Chair for Kitchen Living Room Bistro Grand Soleil...

£ 33.95 £ 55.95

Grand Soleil Polypropylene Dining Chair Garden Outdoors Stackable...

£ 33.95 £ 55.95

SUNSHINE Kitchen And Bar Polypropylene Chair 100% Made In Italy

£ 32.95 £ 64.95

PARIS ARM Grand Soleil Chair with Armrests made of Polypropylene for Bar...

£ 42.95 £ 56.95

ICE Grand Soleil Stackable Chair for Kitchen and Bar made of Polypropylene

£ 40.95 £ 54.95

ROME Grand Soleil Polypropylene Stackable Chair for Kitchen Bar

£ 33.95 £ 60.95

CREAM Grand Soleil Polypropylene Stackable Chair with Armrests for...

£ 39.95 £ 54.95

Transparent Design Chair in Polycarbonate Made in Italy for Home...

£ 54.95 £ 77.95

Wood Chair with Upholstered Henriksdal Design for Kitchen e Dining COMFORT

£ 43.95 £ 66.95