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The secret to create the perfect vibes in your public place is to choose the table that will do the trick. But everyone knows that there are so many different styles, designs and raw materials to choose from, that this apparently easy choice becomes extremely complicated. That's why ProduceShop has created the appropriate category, thanks to which you will look at many different tables and choose the one, which surely suits you and the personality and atmosphere of your club, whether a pub, restaurant or bistro.

A well furnished place that takes care of every single detail is the key to encourage and invite customers to enter your public place and consume something. The most important part of the furniture is certainly the table. This is indeed the main element, around which customers will gather, chat and talk amongst themselves, read a good book, drink or eat something and spend a relaxing or exciting night together... Therefore you must choose the best coffee, high or dining table on the market.

In this rich and well-stocked category, ProduceShop decided to offer you a high-quality selection of high and dining tables for your bar and cafe, all of them made of first-choice materials and with a refined and polished design at extremely attractive prices: basically, these are products, that will make your club, pub or bistro spread his wings and bring it to a higher level. The main features that distinguish the products of our leading company are as follows:

Comfort: bistro and bar tables are not simple pieces of furniture, but also manoeuvrable and comfortable elements in your public place. The best thing to do is choose handy and easy to move tables, so that both your customers and cleaners will be eased by their manoeuvrability;

Design: "the eye must be fed". Choose high, coffee and dining tables to suit perfectly your bistro, bar or pub interiors. Otherwise you could always the whole design and opt for a more attractive, charming and bizarre furniture to raise customers' curiosity and draw their attention;

Solidness and sturdiness: when you buy a table from our website ProduceShop, you are sure to get a high-quality product, made of first-choice raw materials and showing a 100% Made in Italy design, which guarantees high durability and firmness even in case of intense professional and public use;

Cleanability: choose a product that is easy to clean and does not ruin itself when used.

Find out more on our bar and bistro high tables, coffee and dining tables and boost your public place!

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Wooden High Table for Bar Restaurant Bistro 80x80 GERRY

£ 129.95 £ 179.95

Table WOODEN in wood and polypropylene 80x80

£ 129.95 £ 184.95

High Coffee Bar Pub Table Round Square Central Leg BISTROT

£ 79.95 £ 99.95

Black and white TULIP round table for bar and living room 80x80 cm

£ 169.95 £ 239.95

Square Table 70X70 Coffee Bar Restaurant Hotel central base HORECA

£ 99.95 £ 189.95

Square Table 60x60 with Central Support Coffee Bar Pub Bistros HORECA

£ 89.95 £ 179.95

Garden Bar Table for Outdoors ZAVOR

£ 64.95 £ 79.95

WELDED High Table for Stools Tolix Industrial Style Wood Steel 60x60

£ 119.95 £ 199.95

NUT Tolix Industrial High Table for Stools Chairs of Steel Metal 60x60

£ 119.95 £ 199.95

ALLEN Tolix Industrial Table Steel Wood 80x80 for Pub Bar Dining Room

£ 129.95 £ 229.95

BOLT High Table Metal Steel Frame Wood Top Industrial Style 60x60 Bars...

£ 99.95 £ 199.95

HAMMER Industrial Style Table Wooden Steel 80x80 Bar Venue

£ 149.95 £ 219.95

DYNAMITE Metal Steel Table in Tolix Industrial Style 80x80 for Venues...

£ 119.95 £ 199.95

TULIP table 120 cm round black and white for living room bar kitchen...

£ 149.95 £ 249.95

Square table 75x75 Slide GINO glass top for bar restaurant garden

£ 299.95 £ 369.95