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Electric Massage Chairs IRest SL-A386 Zero Gravity Digitopressure and Heating ROYAL - details
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Electric Massage Chairs IRest SL-A386 Zero Gravity Digitopressure and Heating ROYAL

Electric Massage Chairs IRest SL-A386 Zero Gravity Digitopressure and Heating ROYAL
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The iRest Royal is an exclusive electric massage chair fitted with the latest developments and technologies for our physical and mental wellness, designed with intelligent scanning techniques, magnetic therapy and infrared heating for and deep and profound sensation of wellness always at hand.

The iRest Royal is the latest product in the field of electric massage chairs. Fitted with all the most recent technologies, the Royal is as efficient as innovative. Designed with an internal mechanism to scan our body lines and a processor to elaborate the data to adapt all its airbags, rollers, heaters and everything else to our most specific needs. The 3D massage hands of this electric chair always move with precise carefully planned movements finely calibrated. The combination of these intelligent scanners with the extreme precision of its 28 airbags, air pumps, rollers, magnets and heater enable this electric massage chair to cover the whole of our bodies, from the arms to the legs to the feet. This way, the massage is deep and profound, with nothing to envy to a professional masseur's hands.

Innovative Functions of the Royal Electric Massage Chair Compared to the Shuttle, Heaven and Competitor Products:

1. Magnetic Therapy: 8 permanent magnets (300CC) placed on the calves to stimulate traditional focal points.

2. Infrared Heating: placed on the lower back to relieve pain from fatigue or incorrect posture.

3. Complete Massage: to the upper and lower limbs, feet and dedicated ares for lower back and cervix.

The Royal electric massage chair combines the best of technology with the best of modern and traditional physiotherapy to provide detailed and complex massage programs with patterns derived from the elaborated data collected by the scanning system. The massage is therefore more effective and complete, with vibration and heat that add operating levels to complete the overall sensation of wellness and relaxation. This capability is the result of the combined efforts of highly advanced applied technology that ensures precise and well adjusted movements and the physiotherapeutic knowledge that helps in identifying where and how to operate best. 

The Royal electric massage chair is also fitted with highly innovative features that make it functional even in reduced room situations. The Zero Gravity feature is designed to bring the body fully horizontal with a simple gesture to evenly spread the body weight over the whole chair to maximise the massage effectiveness and to induce in the user a pleasant feeling of floating for added relaxation. The Zero Space feature, on the other hand, will make the massage chair fully functional even when place just 5 cm away from a wall. 

This electric massage chair employs its own ergonomic design, one that follows our natural LS shape of the back, to address our spine with a massage. The magnetic therapy, instead, is addressed towards the lower limbs to improve lower magnetite levels in our body, while the infrared heating goes deep to warm up the lower back to add relief to the lower back, often affected by pain caused by fatigue or bad posture. It is easy then to understand how deep and profound this massage is. 

The 3D massage hands follow patterns and functions that comes directly from those of professional masseurs. Furthermore, the intelligent scanning system map our body's shape to ensure that all movements are adapted to our individual specifications. The mapping of the pressure points is highly detailed enabling us to choose from a variety of possibilities our favourite massage but still keeping custom options open. Indeed, so many airbags, air pumps, magnets and heaters allow for many different possibilities.

There are 6 basic programs:

  • Relax: for the evening, not too long, perfect to recover from the day's fatigue.
  • Complete: complete massage that goes through all of your body in scientific patterns.
  • Neck and Shoulders: recommended for those suffering from neck pain, but enjoyable by anyone.
  • Pain Relief: to loosen stiff muscles, inspired from the Guan Sha traditional oriental method.
  • Back and Hips: recommended to everyone, especially to those with lower back problems.
  • Comfortable: for older people, complete but gentle, most relaxing.

The remote control to custom settings, the airbags for upper limbs and the rollers to simulate masseurs' hands complete the package of this high end electric massage chair. The ideal solution for your of wellness, anytime, as long as you want. 

Data sheet

Height (cm)
92 - 113
Width (cm)
52 -76
Length (cm)
135 - 185
Faux Leather, 3D Massage Hands, Magnets
3D Massage, Upper Limbs Massage, Lower Limbs Massage, Magnetic Therapy, Infrared Heating

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Quand je rentre la maison je me mets sur ça et voilà la vie est belle!



Non so quanto faccia per salute muscoli etc, di sicuro è la cosa più rilassante che possa immaginarmi

Massage chair.

Brendon W.

I was curious and I got an electric massage chair. It's not really cheap but I love it!

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Electric Massage Chairs IRest SL-A386 Zero Gravity Digitopressure and Heating ROYAL

Electric Massage Chairs IRest SL-A386 Zero Gravity Digitopressure and Heating ROYAL
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