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Professional Massage Chairs by Zero Gravity: the result of years of research and development to design a state of the art product that knows no match when it comes to comfort and relax.

These professional massage chairs engineered by Zero Gravity and distributed by our website, are next generation, highly advanced, and built using new innovative materials, to give the user the same experience as if he or she was receiving a real hand massage. The hardware installed on these massage chairs is the result of years of research in the medical and therapeutical business, and it is designed to guarantee the best possible experience even for years to come. All its gearing is perfectly integrated in the inside of the massage chair, and every part is carefully tested individually and as a whole, to fully ensure the absence of any defect, functional of aesthetic.

The engineers and physicians employed in the development of this massage chair tested the chair over long period of time using highly advanced specific software, to analyze every little detail, and they also employed robots to gather all the metrics of the massage experience in order to develop the most perfect "massage hands" possible and eliminating even the slightiest possbile annoyance or defect that might affect the final user. Every single movement is carefully designed to be silent yet flexuous, able to induce comfort and relax harmonically to our muscles and nerves, all in perfect silence.

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IRest Massage Chair SL-A151 3D Massage HEAVEN

£ 749.95 £ 839.95
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Electric Massage Chair by iRest with Full Body Massage SHUTTLE

£ 1,799.95 £ 1,899.95
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Electric Massage Chairs IRest SL-A386 Zero Gravity Digitopressure and...

£ 1,899.95 £ 2,199.95
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Electric Massage Chair IRest Sl-A389 GALAXY EGG

£ 1,999.95 £ 2,499.95
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iRest Massage Armchair SL-A158 Professional Recliner 180° QUEEN

£ 979.95 £ 1,099.95
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