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The dining table brings the family together on all occasions. Due to its role and size, the table is mainly placed in the room dedicated to lunches and dinners, making it one of the most used pieces of furniture in every home.

The table is an essential element that performs both a practical and a decorative function; it represents the key piece that defines the character of the dining room furniture through its size, shape and style.

One of the most popular models of all time is the wooden table, a material capable of inspiring warmth and hospitality from the first glance while lending itself to infinite transformations in terms of shapes and finishes. The solid wood table is undoubtedly the perfect model to complete a large living room, whether traditional or more modern, as in the case of oak, a resistant and versatile wood that comes in various shades, from the most natural ones that are linked to tradition. , to the darker and more modern ones that give a distinctive edge to the design of the dining room.

For the undecided, however, the white dining table is always the best idea: it goes well with everything, illuminates the environment and its neutrality makes it ideal for lovers of minimal style and Scandinavian atmosphere.

It all depends on the style you want to adopt. A rectangular table with four perimeter legs fits into virtually any environment, allows you to surround it with more seats and is ideal for giving an elegant look to the dining room, while a square-shaped table will be more intimate and will be perfect for couples and small spaces. A table with a central pedestal is instead suitable if you want a space-saving solution which, thanks to its round shape and the absence of edges, can accommodate a large number of diners in a small space, opening up to conviviality.

In this section you will be able to discover many models of dining tables for every space and style requirement, for large and small environments, all designed with different styles and various materials, to amaze and welcome guests in a unique room in step with the times.

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Industrial dining table 120x60 design tolix metal wood rectangularPRANDIUM

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Industrial dining table 120x60 design tolix metal wood rectangular CAUPONA

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Rectangular dining room table in wood 160X90 modern design DOUGLAS

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Gray rectangular dining room table 160X90 modern design NORMAN

£ 219.95 £ 299.95
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