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When we talk about contract we refer to a furnishing service designed and produced to measure by a company for a specific context. It is a new trend made in Italy style of furniture, closely linked to the environment and to the client's requests, which involves different sectors of the public sphere, including the most commonly known one of Hospitality.

Contract furniture is mainly aimed at public areas, hotel complexes and commercial premises such as shops, restaurants and cafes that need functional furnishings for exhibition and hospitality spaces: it is a type of furniture completely studied to measure, it is designed and made ad hoc according to the customer's specific indications and the technical and architectural needs of the environment.

The client who adopts this new furnishing formula is solely responsible for defining the type of environment to be set up and his own needs; based on the type of clientele that will use the space to be created, it is therefore possible to define the style or disposition necessary to make the room or structure work better through the contract furniture service.

Being in possession of a piece of furniture made in the contract furnishing style means having a unique product of its kind, made in a tailored way, and designed to optimize and enhance the space in which it will be placed.

Take a look at our online catalog and find the contract style element that best suits your needs at an excellent value for money.

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Modern design bench AMORE inside and outside

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Bench modern design Slide WOW interior and garden

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MALBEC Slide wine bottle holder 25 bottles

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Bar counter with wheels and laptop ROLLER BAR External slide design

£ 1,299.95 £ 1,399.95
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Luminous ice bucket Slide LIGHT DRINK RGB

£ 259.95 £ 339.95
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EASY CHAIR armchair chair for home and local

£ 219.95 £ 279.95
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