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Espresso is the king of Italian culture, a valued and world-renowned beverage. Coffee is part and parcel of the culture and history of this country, and can take different forms and meanings: leisure time with some friends, time to take a break or to relax or just a way to recharge your internal batteries. You know, coffee is a real passion for Italians and it's a key component of their everyday lives.

In Italy there is an infinite number of versions of this sophisticated and vital product: each type of coffee, in fact, has specific features, the proportions between the various components vary with the desirable flavour that you want to taste, coffee roasting may be light or dark depending on your personal taste and on the texture that you want to add to your coffee.

Coffee is a ritual, which is why in Italy each type of coffee is related to a particular tradition or way of life, to the specific habits of different Italian cities, such as Naples, Palermo, Milan... Each of them has indeed its own way of enhancing this exclusive product according to the the various customs and traditions: you can therefore taste coffees with a different intensity,  texture and flavour depending on the city that you will visit, since every one of them has its own way of interpreting the coffee ritual: smooth and delicate flavours in Milan, intense and bitter flavours in Naples... you know, a multitude of flavours and scents contained within this amazing brewed beverage!

But we are not talking about an ordinary coffee, but about a specific one: espresso is the ultimate type of coffee, it's thick and has a creamy consistency. Imagine you're visiting a beautiful Italian city, such as Milan, and you're drinking a tasty coffee in the Piazza del Duomo: something extraordinarily delicate, smooth, creamy which will allow you to relax and enjoy the beauty of what's around you. Yes, because in the Italian culture that's the secret: think about coffee as an integral part of each moment or each city culture: because a day without coffee... is a day wasted!

Find out more about our types of coffee. With Carracci you will feel unique and indescribable emotions, since this is the key to our success: a coffee which knows how to amaze and to cleanse your palate. Carracci is seeking perfection too: it chooses and checks every single type of coffee and each one of them is related to a specific Italian city. Here are some of our best deals.

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100 Coffee Capsules Compatible With Nespresso® Decaf Carracci DECA

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200 Coffee Capsules Compatible With Nespresso® Decaf Carracci DECA

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