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Christmas Trees
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The perfect Christmas trees made by Eco-Xmas, are the most ecological and economical product on the market.

You can spend the perfect Christmas and at the same time keeping your mind free of concern by getting one of these ecological and artificial, 100% recyclable Christmas Tree. Easy to assemble and disassemble, so that you can store it during the year, but at the same time extremely realistic. Obviously flame retardant and non toxic, these artificial trees are a perfect solution to have a magical Christmas without worrying what to do with it after. You just store them and wait for next year, as the plastic fibre quality will keep in perfect condition the tree for many years.

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Artificial Christmas tree 240 cm decorated with decorations OSLO

£ 74.95 £ 159.95

Artificial Christmas tree 210 cm decorated with decorations ROVANIEMI

£ 54.95 £ 139.95

Artificial Christmas tree 180 cm decorated with decoration BERGEN

£ 49.95 £ 129.95

Classic traditional artificial Christmas tree 240 cm HELSINKI

£ 69.95 £ 149.95

Traditional artificial Christmas tree 210 cm GOTHENBURG

£ 54.95 £ 139.95