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The mattress is the heart of the bed and must considered as the central piece of the bedroom. That is the reason why you need to pay a lot of attention in its choice. The Time 2Dream brand
offers different ergonomic qualities of its mattresses that are characterised by the type of structure, the materials and the fine fabrics of covering.

Modern, sophisticated and increasingly in demand, Time 2Dream mattresses offer support and comfortable sleep. Their most appreciated qualities are elasticity, resistance and strong antibacterial properties, which make them particularly suitable for people suffering from allergies. The selection of Time 2Dream mattresses meets the highest production standards and offers only non-toxic models and free of substances harmful to health, to ensure a 100% safe rest. Moreover, the choice of 100% Italian materials is a further guarantee for the products offered.
Each Time 2Dream mattress is designed with specific ergonomic and technical features to respond optimally to any physiological need during rest. When the spine must be kept in the correct position to ensure a quality sleep, this is what Time 2Dream mattresses think about, always offering what your back needs.
Time 2Dream has been taking care of your sleep for over twenty years with the certainty that a day full of vitality depends on a correct rest. To improve its customers satisfaction, the company constantly studies rest systems in Italy. In addition all products are in 100% Made in Italy - with innovative materials and allowind them to be more comfortable thanks to advanced technological devices.

2D at the center of the brand Time2Dream, is the core of our concept of mattress: are the 2 Dimensions of sleeping.
Relax, to use your mattress in everyday life even during the day.
Night rest, to sleep during the night in all phases of sleep: Light, deep and REM phase.

With its wide range of certified Presidium Healthcare products, Time 2Dream is always ready to satisfy the most demanding customers. The wide variety of models offers solutions for the most needs such as: greater comfort, the need for hypoallergenic materials, memory foam, a breathable fabric, the need for fireproof and ecological materials, all completely removable and easily washable.

The exclusive Time 2Dream mattresses are designed to meet the expectations and morphology of all, and thus allow a quality sleep. Noble materials and hand-stitched finishes make Time 2Dream a prestigious and refined Italian brand. Moreover, thanks to the advice of expert manufacturers that Time 2Dream uses every day, the company has become a specialist sleep solution, always able to advise you on the mattress that best suits your needs.

Tired of sleeping badly? With Time 2Dream we provide you a technology that adapts the mattress to the weight of your body and your position for a complete customised support to ensure a "dream sleep".

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King Size mattress waterfoam 160x190x26cm removable cover PREMIUM

£ 209.95 £ 269.95
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King-Size Double Mattress 180x200 18 cm High Memory Multilayered...

£ 219.95 £ 289.95
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King-Size Double Mattress 180x200 in Multilayered Memory 25 cm PLUS

£ 249.95 £ 319.95
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King-Size Double Mattress 19 cm 180x200 9-Zone Memory DELUXE

£ 189.95 £ 259.95
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King-Size Double Mattress in Multilayered Memory 26 cm 180x200 WAVE

£ 339.95 £ 399.95
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King-Size Double Memory 180x200 Mattress of Multi Wave Memory Foam 25 cm...

£ 419.95 £ 479.95
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Mattress Topper Double Mattress 120X190 in Memory Foam and Aloe Vera TOP8

£ 154.95 £ 219.95
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Mattress Topper King Size Double 180x200 in Memory Foam Aloe Vera TOP8

£ 239.95 £ 309.95
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Mattress Topper Queen Size Double Mattress 160X190 Memory Foam Aloe Vera...

£ 179.95 £ 239.95
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Memory Foam King-Size Double Mattress 30cm 180x200 Aloe Vera Cover HIGH

£ 389.95 £ 469.95
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