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ProduceShop is proud to offer you a whole collection of LED solar ligths by Supernova™, one of the most innovative and advanced companies in the field of applied renewable and sustainable energies that produces solar LED streetlight, walklights and many other products to illuminate at no  expense even the most remote areas and those with no connection to the power supply.

All solar LED lights by Supernova™ are manufactured using high quality materials, each one of them is fitted with an integrated solar panel to make the product working in full autonomy, even for many nights to come with the internal batteries able to store energy and light up with different light settings.

ProduceShop selected the solar LED lights by Supernova™ based on their high efficiency output and battery lifespan, along with the quality composition and IP65 certification. Tempered glasses ensure a full light and eliminate the possibility of condensation, a common thing with low quality solar lights. The aluminum employed makes the light incredibly resistant and yet light at the same time. All durable materials to ensure long life and proper functionality for many years from the purchase.Supernova™ provides all its solar LED lights with some sensors or internal mechanism to maximize battery lifespan and add functions.

The two types of internal sensors are:

Motion detector: made to increase brightness levels when someone passing by is detected, people or vehicles. It may also serve as a security device to monitor unauthorized access.

Dusk till dawn sensor: made to turn on automatically the solar light a few moments before dusk and to turn it off a few moments after dawn.

The integrated solar panels in the LED solar lamps are of fine quality and, in the right conditions, they can fully charge the batteries in just a few hours. These batteries are designed with an increased lifespan, thanks to internal mechanisms to adjust temperature levels and to keep a steady energy output.

Some of the solar LED lights from Supernova™ are provided with remote control, perfect to purposely manage the different light settings or activate and deactivate the lamp manually. ProduceShop chose Supernova™ as its high end selection of solar LED lights and many of our customers already have tested such high quality. Don't miss on this opportunity and get your own solar LED light.

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LED solar powered rotating lamp with motion sensor TUMULTUS

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LED Solar Street Light 4000 lumens with integrated Solar Panel and...

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LED solar streetlight 7K Lumens for Gardens Steets Parking Lots MAZINGA

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Outdoor LED Spotlight with Integrated Solar Panel 1000 lumens FLOOD

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Outdoor LED Spotlight with Integrated Solar Panel 2000 lumens FLOOD

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Outdoor LED Spotlight with Integrated Solar Panel 5000 lumens FLOOD

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Projector LED Laser with Solar Panel and Remote Control CHRISTMAS

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Solar Garden Lamp 8 LEDs 100 lumen Built In Solar Panel

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Solar Lamp Post 60 LEDs 1500 LM Motion & Dusk Till Dawn Detectors SQUARE

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