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Invite all your friends and family to a barbecue and light the grill. Mr. Tuzza will do the dirty work for you while you could focus on one simple thing: spend a nice day with your beloved ones somewhere outdoors, at the park, in your garden, on the terrace or balcony of your home. Mr. Tuzza is the answer to the most never-ending (and hateful) question of all time: "What's for lunch/dinner?".

Every moment is special, so be sure to make it unforgettable. Sear the steaks, grill the fish, cook a lot of vegetarian burgers and vegetables. Try something new or cook the good old traditional recipes. The burners of Mr. Tuzza's powerful gas grills will give you the opportunity to cook and grill tasty and juicy meals like never before, 100% guaranteed.

Thanks to Mr. Tuzza you will impress your guests showing your cooking skills off, or you could simply try to grill your first meal ever (don't worry, you don't need any special expertise) and unleash your passion and natural talent for cooking and culinary art.

Come and take a look at our Mr. Tuzza gas grills, the No. 1 in gas grills. High-quality products with a modern and refined design are available at unbeatable prices! Don't let anyone fool you: Mr. Tuzza has the best solutions on the market and will satisfy all your needs with the best price/quality ratio. Start your days with your families and friends around a Mr. Tuzza's gas grill, barbecuing and cooking your favourite meals on the best BBQ ever: "Summer nights, chill music, great food, good people".

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AYRSHIRE Gas grill BBQ made of stainless steel with 4+1 burners and...

£ 239.95 £ 339.95
Out of stock

BEEFMASTER Gas grill made of stainless steel with 4+1 burners grill and...

£ 529.95 £ 629.95
Out of stock

HOLSTEIN Stainless steel gas grill with 2+1 burners and grill

£ 134.95 £ 224.95
Out of stock

JERSEY stainless steel Gas grill BBQ 6+1 burners and barbecue Grill

£ 249.95 £ 349.95
Out of stock

RED ANGUS stainless steel Gas grill BBQ 4+1 burners and barbecue grill

£ 279.95 £ 379.95
Out of stock