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The electric massage chairs by iRest are the result of more than 15 years of research and development to dominate the field of health and wellness.

By working in collaboration with Universities and research centres, along with many well known technology brands such as LG, Toshiba and Philips, iRest become a main reference point for the production of electric massage chairs worldwide. Indeed, these products are so innovative that iRest is now dominating the market of electric massage chairs. Also certified for professional use, these electric massage chairs are sold online by to provide high quality products, highly efficient and made with charming designs and durable materials. A superior design product with a wonderful massage efficiency. The true innovation is to be found inside the chair, where you can find the most advanced massage system anywhere, able to properly simulate the real hands of real masseur. Thousands of automatic patterns and possible movements are stored and processed by the internal CPU.

Every model has been properly tested thoroughly on specifically developed robots to monitor tactile sensations and give proper feedback to programmers and developers. This not only make almost null the probability of injuries, but it also allowed for the development of highly complex and realistic massage patterns. These massage chairs are the excellence of R&D worldwide. These electric massage chairs are also able to improve by learning your body's specifics massage after massage, so that you will get a better massage each time, tailor made to your needs. An additional innovative development is given by the Zero Gravity feature: a function that flatten your position during the massage, bringing your head slightly lower than your feet and giving you the sensation to float in the absence of space, a truly relaxing and most comfortable feeling that also enhance the effectiveness of the massage.

To purchase a massage chair by iRest is to make an investment in your own wellness and health, both physically and mentally. Indeed, having always available such an elevating electric massage chair helps you relieve all the stress and pressure of any day's work. Serenity and relax are ensured with the electric massage chairs by iRest, designed with the aim to provide wellness, good health and quality to each customer.

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Electric Massage Chair by iRest with Full Body Massage SHUTTLE

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Electric Massage Chair IRest Sl-A389 GALAXY EGG

£ 1,999.95 £ 2,499.95
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Electric Massage Chairs IRest SL-A386 Zero Gravity Digitopressure and...

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iRest Massage Armchair SL-A158 Professional Recliner 180° QUEEN

£ 979.95 £ 1,099.95
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IRest Massage Chair SL-A151 3D Massage HEAVEN

£ 749.95 £ 839.95
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