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Illa is a leading brand in the kitchen utensils sector and has been producing non-stick coated aluminium pots, pans, saucepans and pans for over 70 years. The history of this brand dates back to 1946, and began as Industria Langhiranese Lavorazione Alluminio (Illa). Illa is therefore specialized in the entire production process, in the moulding, coining and assembly of the product. In fact, Illa's plants guarantee the total integration of the production cycle - from the aluminium disc to the finished product - which, together with the high level of automation and the equally high technological level of the plants, has allowed cost competitiveness and quality at the highest level among European producers.

Illa is also much more than this and a guarantee of Made in Italy as a company philosophy. At a time when many competitors were relocating production to countries with low labour costs, or with less attention to environmental issues, Illa has proudly chosen to follow the path of production efficiency, focusing on four strategic pillars: 1 - total control of raw materials and quality of the finished product - uncompromising attention to food safety, well beyond the dictates of the regulations 3 - great sensitivity and respect for environmental issues - constant qualification of staff. Illa therefore remains a true standard-bearer of Made in Italy, which exports over 90% of its production throughout Europe and the world, counting among its customers also the most important retailers in the sector.

It is precisely the attention paid to the quality of the finished product and the environment that has allowed this company to achieve technological goals and patents for its non-stick coatings. These include the patented "Ollia-Tech" technology, which incorporates vegetable oils (in particular olive oil) in the coating of the pots and pans in order to increase their resistance to wear and high temperatures without using toxic materials that can pass to the food during cooking. ProduceShop is therefore very proud to be able to offer its customers the Illa brand and its magnificent products, a guarantee of quality and reliability. Safety in performance, technology, solidity, resistance, durability and elegance: these are the fundamental characteristics of all Illa products, rigorously made in Italy.

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Cookware Set Pots and Pans Nonstick Coating 10 Pieces PIETRA&GUSTO

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Set of Nonstick Pots Pans with Lids 7 Pieces BIO COOK OIL

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Set of Pots Pans Nonstick Tools with Lids 7 Pieces VIVACE

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