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Grand Soleil is a famous brand in the production of kitchen and living room chairs, both for domestic and professional use, as it has designed, 100% Made in Italy, high quality chairs for years, for home interiors, gardens, restaurants, hotels, clubs and pubs.

Garden chairs an garden furniture sets from Grand Soleil are all certified for use in public settings thanks to their extreme durability that comes from the employment of high quality materials, resistant to wear, knocks and scratches. The polycarbonate and polypropylene used in the production of these kitchen and garden chairs make them incredibly resistant yet amazingly light, making them easy to store, carry and stack. Along with the plastic polymers, all garden chairs and garden furniture from Grand Soleil include technopolymers based on polycarbonate and polypropylene that are injected in the materials using highly advanced air pressure presses to add even more resistance and durability.

ProduceShop selected Grand Soleil to provide its customers high quality and first choice chairs and garden furniture, keeping in stock large quantities to ensure the best possible price and to have everything ready and available to ship. Are you looking for chairs for your house or garden furniture for your restaurant and hotels exteriors? The collection of chairs from Grand Soleil is 100% Made in Italy and perfect for your needs. Discover all the selection on ProduceShop and find the right match for your house or the right touch of character for your restaurant or hotel.

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Set Of 30 Kasar Fibreglass High Stackable Stool For Kitchens Bars & Clubs

£ 1,899.95 £ 2,149.95
In stock

Set of 16 Gruvyer Transparent Stackable Chairs for Restaurants and Bars...

£ 1,279.95 £ 1,399.95
In stock

Lot of 18 Transparent Stacking Chairs in Polycarbonate B-Side

£ 1,199.95 £ 1,499.95
In stock

Lot of 16 Transparent Stacking Chairs in Polycarbonate B-Side

£ 1,049.95 £ 1,259.95
In stock

Lot of 18 Transparent Design Chairs Made in Italy for Restaurants Hypnotic

£ 949.95 £ 1,239.95
In stock

18 Transparent Stacking Chairs Grand Soleil Dune

£ 919.95 £ 1,229.95
In stock