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Ergonomic office chairs by Franchi Linea Ufficio are the ideal solution to spend many hours in front of a desk, either for work or for gaming online with friends.

Franchi ergonomic office chairs, designed taking inspiration from racing cars, combine the best possible ergonomy and comfort with the most aggressive style on the market, providing a collection of office chairs that doesn't sacrifice good looks for comfort nor the opposite, as it is perfectly able to use one aspect to improve the other, obtaining the best from both. These ergonomic office chairs ensure the best ergonomic experience and comfort with their slightly curved back designed to match the curve of our own back and forcing to take a correct, and therefore comfortable, position. These postural chairs are also designed to relieve the lower trunk by unloading all the weight on the base of the chair, thus reducing the stress on our lower back, ensuring a most comfortable sit, especially in case of long work or gaming sessions.

The covering in faux leather of microfiber is also transpiring, allowing you to stay dry and fresh, without that sense of sweat that distracts you when you're concentrated working or gaming. Manufactured employing the best materials on the market, these ergonomic office chairs provide strength and durability, as they are resistant to wear even under heavy use. These office chair, indeed, display an unmatchable value for money in the field.

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CODE Ergonomic Gaming Chair for Office Videogames and Studio

£ 179.95 £ 299.95

ELDIABLO X Ergonomic Sporty Gaming Chair for Office and Studio

£ 179.95 £ 299.95

FANTASY Gaming Chair for Office and Professional Use

£ 179.95 £ 299.95

RACE Ergonomic Office Chair

£ 119.95 £ 159.95

Racing Office Chair with Ergonomic Design PRO

£ 119.95 £ 179.95

Wooden Rocking Chair Padded and Ergonomic RELAX

£ 99.95 £ 149.95