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Over time, the concept of rehabilitation has greatly expanded its prerogatives, and if a few decades ago it concerned almost exclusively the treatment of trauma, today one cannot ignore physiotherapy.

With the FisioMed brand, our company intends to offer a range of professional equipment and innovative products in the health sector, among the most reliable and innovative for rehabilitation medicine.

The goal of FisioMed is to have an active and decisive role in health care: the line of products offered is able to satisfy every type of home and professional need, with a complete line that provides every type of medical aid for rehabilitation, but also to improve health and support people's daily lives.

With FisioMed we seek the highest quality, precision and reliability for all the home and professional products offered: we constantly invest in new technologies for improving health, respecting, even for home medical devices, the highest quality standards required for professional diagnostic tools.

FisioMed medical devices are also validated for hospital use, guaranteeing maximum safety. According to different medical needs, the wide range of home and professional products offered, presents various models of medical instruments in order to ensure a product suitable for every occurrence, taking care that they meet the specific requests.

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Wheel Chair imitation leather folding orthopedic disabled and elderly...

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Wheelchair with PEONY folding leg support disabled and elderly

£ 129.95 £ 169.95
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