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Cantilever garden parasols by Elios Parasols are the best possible innovation in terms of materials and functionalities and they are perfect to decorate any garden or outdoor space.

The main asset of Elios Parasols is the high quality standards they keep when providing high end parasols at an affordable price to keep the best possible value for money you can hope for. These cantilever parasols are ideal for both private and public use, designed to offer the best in terms of functionality and durability, made with a solid aluminum or steel staff that ensures strength and resistance but with a nice touch of elegance, as only finely crafted materials can display. The innovative canopy of these cantilever and free arm parasols is able to offer repair from the hot sun and the harmful – and growing – UV rays of the sunniest days, providing a 10° cooler shade than conventional cotton canopies. Free arm parasols by Elios Parasols are in fact coated with a specially treated antiUV surface that made them also certified for professional use.

All customization and adjustability of these cantilever parasols is engineered in the smallest detail to provide smooth products that will endure their proper functionality for years, even when heavily used. Functional tests on the internal and external mechanisms ensure full satisfaction and eliminate the need for maintenance. Some models of cantilever parasols can take advantage of sunlight with integrated solar panels and batteries. The stored energy can be used to recharge mobiles and portable devices via USB or to power internal LED lights during the night, perfect for restaurants and other activities willing to create a magical atmosphere after dusk.

Thanks to their simple and yet elegant style, the cantilever parasols by Elios Parasols are highly versatile and they can fit any kind of exteriors and contexts, from private gardens to the external premises of venues like pubs and restaurants, allowing everyone to enjoy their well deserved comfort. The cantilever parasols from Elios Parasols are the most innovative on the market and ProduceShop is proud to be able to offer them at the best online price. Browse our category and find the perfect parasol for your garden.

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11kg Square Concrete Parasol Base

£ 49.95 £ 79.95

25kg Square Concrete Patio Umbrella Base

£ 59.95 £ 89.95

Cantilever Double Square Garden Parasol 3x3 OSLO

£ 899.95 £ 1,099.95

Cantilever Garden Parasol with Built In Solar LED Square 3x3m PARADISE

£ 369.95 £ 524.95

Cantilever Garden Parasol with USB Solar Charger Hexagonal 3x3 POWER

£ 139.95 £ 184.95

EDEN 3M Octagonal Aluminium Garden Parasol

£ 89.95 £ 154.95

EDEN 3x2M Rectangular Garden Parasol With Aluminium Pole And...

£ 89.95 £ 169.95

FAN Octagonal Side Arm Umbrella For Garden & Patio

£ 129.95 £ 159.95

Garden Cantilever Parasol with Fully Adjustable Shade Square 3x3 Canopy...

£ 444.95 £ 534.95

Large Free Arm Square Parasol 3.5 mt2 Aluminium COPENHAGEN

£ 1,099.95 £ 1,199.95

MARKET 3x3M Square Pop Up Canopy

£ 74.95 £ 133.95

MARS 3x3M Square Garden Parasol

£ 219.95 £ 484.95

PARADISE 2.5x2.5M Square Cantilever Parasol For Garden & Patio

£ 279.95 £ 294.95

PARADISE 3M Octagonal Cantilever Parasol for Garden & Patio

£ 269.95 £ 329.95

PARADISE 3x3M Square Offset Patio Umbrella

£ 309.95 £ 319.95

Parasol Base with Wheels Universal 50 Liters Capacity

£ 39.95 £ 49.95

Patio Umbrella Cover 240x62cm

£ 49.95 £ 114.95

PLUTO 2x2M Square Outdoor Patio Umbrella

£ 69.95 £ 139.95

SHADOW 2.5M Square Side Arm Parasol For Patio & Garden

£ 129.95 £ 159.95