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Ecoxmas is a well known brand in recent years in the field of sustainable Christmas trees and accessories with the aim of providing a memorable Christmas experience with no ecological footprint.

Eco-xmas Christmas trees will be your companions for many years to come without withering or loosing their needles annoyingly on the floor. They will simply create that magical atmosphere that we all learnt to love growing up. These ecological Christmas trees are the ideal solution to decorate your house during the winter festivities, as well as your office or waiting room, because their elegance will easily warm up the Christmas atmosphere. Moreover, with their realistic effect carefully designed they will match all kind of interiors. Eco-xmas, in the manufacturing of its famous ecological Christmas trees, is dedicated in providing products that are as functional as aesthetically pleasant. This is the case of their solar LED Christmas lights that recharge during the day and light up during the night with single or multi-colour settings, without the need of electrical outlets.

This will create all the magic that you crave without any expense related to energy consumption, to allow you to even save money. Christmas trees from Eco-xmas are reliable, functional and safe, as well as welcoming and warm. This has been made possible employing the best possible materials to create a synthetic ecological Christmas tree with realistic effect, combined with LED lights that employ all the most advanced and innovative developments in matter of sustainable energy. Only by combining innovation and tradition it is possible to match the experience brought to you by Eco-xmas at such competitive prices and maintaining such high quality standards that made Eco-xmas a market leader in its field. Before cutting down a real tree, consider the ecological Christmas tree by Eco-xmas!

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50 LED Tube Christmas String Lights

£ 34.95 £ 59.95

Artificial Christmas tree 180 cm decorated with decoration BERGEN

£ 49.95 £ 129.95

Artificial Christmas tree 210 cm decorated with decorations ROVANIEMI

£ 54.95 £ 139.95

Artificial Christmas tree 240 cm decorated with decorations OSLO

£ 74.95 £ 159.95

Classic traditional artificial Christmas tree 240 cm HELSINKI

£ 69.95 £ 149.95

Solar Christmas lights 4 white ICICLE LEDs

£ 34.95 £ 39.95

Solar christmas lights decorative net 50 led

£ 29.95 £ 39.95

Solar Christmas String Lights 4M 100 LED

£ 34.95 £ 109.95

Solar Window Curtain String Lights

£ 34.95 £ 37.95

Traditional artificial Christmas tree 210 cm GOTHENBURG

£ 54.95 £ 139.95