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More and more customers decide to rely on Bodyline massage tables to enhance the quality and professionality of their business.

Thanks to its decades of experience in the production of professional accessories for health and beauty operators, Bodyline has been able to climb the ladder of a fast growing field with its fixed and portable massage tables. Especially designed for professionals in the fields of wellness & beauty, these massage tables are ideal also for anyone willing to take up the necessary knowledge and equipment to kickstart his or her massage, aesthetician or medical business; prices are also really competitive with amazing value for money. The materials and details are what make these fixed massage tables apt to decorate studios with functionality and elegance. These are the true marks that distinguish Bodyline from the crowd.

Bodyline's design ethics are to design every single piece with the aim of providing a practical and durable product that will last years, even under heavy usage conditions. Bodyline's fixed massage tables are supported by a very strong beech wood structure with adjustable height, back and armrests for added comfort and reduced stress of the operator and customer.

The padding is comfortable and ergonomic, with an eco-leather coating that is easily washable even when stained with professional creams or oils. For effective treatments it is most important to have the right equipment, Bodyline's fixed massage tables are made with high quality professional standards and completely up to the task.

Bodyline keep testing its products individually to ensure that each one of its massage table is free from defects and in accordance with its superior standards. 

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Set of 12 Professional Universal Bags for Manicure Vacuum Cleaner

£ 14.95 £ 29.95
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SHIATSU 2-Section Portable & Folding Massage Table Aluminium 215 cm

£ 119.95 £ 199.95
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THAI 3-Section Portable & Folding Aluminium Massage Table 210 cm

£ 129.95 £ 199.95
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Tool trolley for hairdressers and beauticians CURLY

£ 67.95 £ 87.95
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UV LED 48W portable nail lamp for manicure pedicure MOON

£ 34.95 £ 44.95
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