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ProduceShop chose Beachline ©, a market leader brand in designing and manufacturing high quality beach and garden parasols, able to provide reliable products to allow a most comfortable time to the tourist, the free beach dweller or for your garden relaxation.

Beachline © has developed an exclusive patented fabric to protect us from harmful UV rays (certified UPF 158+) that also provides a shade about 10° cooler than conventional beach parasols. The innovative fabric of these beach umbrellas can be found in many different colours and patterns, which, combined to many structural options from aluminium to steel (160, 180, 200, 220, 240 cm staffs), ensure that anyone can find his or her favourite parasol. Beachline © provides the perfect beach umbrella for all different situations, with models ranging from the smallest and smartest Pocket, extremely compact, to the bigger and professional Bagnino, well suited for resorts, SPAs and hotels or for anyone who doesn't compromise on quality.

Beach parasols from Beachline © are versatile, safe, apt for professional use in resorts, pools, SPAs, durable and resistant to wear: truly lasting parasols that will keep all their practicality and good colours for years to come. All these beach parasols are made with high quality materials, strong but light, and they all come with an included tear resistant transport bag to simplify transportation, a nice perk when you have to walk your stuff to the beach. The innovative windproof vent and the advanced materials used in its compositions make these parasols stable and well balanced, grounded in the sand against the wind, but still light to carry: easy to understand why these parasols become so popular all over Europe.

Are you looking for a high quality beach parasol at an affordable price? Learn more about our selection of beach umbrellas from Beachline © to find the right one for you!

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2 Beach & Fitness Gym Towels Microfiber with Pockets

£ 39.95 £ 69.95

4 Beach & Fitness Gym Towels Microfiber with Pockets

£ 59.95 £ 69.95

Beach & Fitness Gym Towel Microfiber with Pockets

£ 29.95 £ 39.95

Beach Parasol with 200cm Cotton Canopy TROPICANA

£ 29.95 £ 49.95

Beach Parasol XL Windproof UV Protection PORTOFINO

£ 39.95 £ 49.95

Beach Towel Always Spread Sandproof Waterproof SempreSteso

£ 19.95 £ 49.95

Beach Towel with Head Shade Always Spread Sandproof Waterproof SempreSteso

£ 24.95 £ 44.95

Beach Umbrella Flag of Sardinia Quattro Mori Windproof UV Resistant 200cm

£ 29.95 £ 49.95

Beach Umbrella UV Protection Windproof Aluminium 200cm CORSICA

£ 34.95 £ 54.95

Beach Umbrella Windproof UV Protection 200cm SARDINIA

£ 29.95 £ 69.95

Beach Umbrella with New Colours Windproof in Heavy Cotton ROME NATURE...

£ 44.95 £ 59.95

Complete Accessory Pack for the Beach SpiaggiaFacile

£ 24.95 £ 54.95

Large Beach Parasol with UV Protection Windproof 220cm ROME

£ 44.95 £ 64.95

Pocket Portable Beach Parasol Uv Resistant Windproof

£ 34.95 £ 64.95

Portable Beach Parasol and Camping Umbrella UV Resistant Windproof 200cm...

£ 39.95 £ 79.95

Portable Beach Parasol and Camping Umbrella UV Resistant Windproof FEATHER

£ 34.95 £ 74.95

Thermal Padded Towel for the Beach Pool Lounger STAIFRESCO

£ 24.95 £ 64.95

Thermos Flask Gym Beach Sport Pool Cycling ICE⁺

£ 24.95 £ 34.95

Universal Beach Parasol Base 12 L Sand/Water

£ 19.95 £ 29.95

XL Beach Parasol with UV Protection Windproof 240cm ROME

£ 49.95 £ 89.95