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Bookcases for Office and Study
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Wide range of wooden bookcases for your home, office or study, available in many different models, colours and sizes, high quality finishes and first-choice materials to guarantee a functional, solid and durable product.

All Office24 libraries present an essential element in common: the 100% Made in Italy modern design. Indeed, every product is manufactured exclusively in Italy and designed in vivid detail to satisfy fully any need for space and tidiness of companies and private citizen, with the goal of arranging documents and objects of an everyday sort at best. Every bookcase is compatible with any kind of furniture thanks to their unique adaptability and are constantly qualitative and aesthetically tested to offer a product with excellent manufacturing quality and satisfy completely any final customer's taste.

If you are searching for a furniture that is entirely made of first-choice materials but also low priced, our brand Office24 will offer a wide range of answers, from flat and traditional styles to classier and more modern ones, with shelves and drawers for height, fixed or sliding doors to furnish tastefully any room.

And if you don't want to miss our exclusive Office24 products, don't worry: we will deliver in just 3/5 working days!
Discover our rich catalogue and choose the best bookcase for your home, study or office to give your favourite rooms a bit of modernity!

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White wood bookcase with 3 tier shelves adjustable in height EASYBOOK

£ 119.95 £ 159.95

Low Modern Bookcase Real Wood 3 Tier Shelves Modern Design for Office...

£ 129.95 £ 189.95

Low white bookcase recycled wood 3 tier shelves adjustable in height...

£ 139.95 £ 194.95

Modular Sectional Bookcase Narrow Bookshelf 6 Tier Shelves Real Wood...

£ 249.95 £ 284.95

Mini Dresser White Chest of Drawers with 3 Deep Drawers Casters Modern...

£ 139.95 £ 204.95

Low Wide Bookcase Bookshelf Real Wood 3 Tier Shelves for Office Studio...

£ 139.95 £ 194.95

Low Bookcase Wooden Storage Unit 3 Adjustable Tief Shelves for Office...

£ 139.95 £ 194.95

Modular Bookcase Wooden Bookshelf 3 Tier Shelves Modern Design Office...

£ 139.95 £ 204.95

Bookcase with 6 Tier Shelves Storage Unit White Wood for Office Living...

£ 229.95 £ 274.95

Grey Cement Effect Bookcase Storage Modern Design for Study Office 6...

£ 229.95 £ 274.95

Tall Bookcase narrow Bookshelf 6 Tier Shelves White Wood TOWER

£ 199.95 £ 244.95

Bookcase Tall Narrow Bookshelf with 6 Tier Shelves Grey BIG BEN

£ 179.95 £ 229.95

Modern Wooden Bookcase Narrow Bookshelf 6 Tier Shelves Grey HART

£ 179.95 £ 234.95

White Wooden Bookcase Bookshelf Castors Sliding Door Modern Design Ludo

£ 219.95 £ 269.95

Wooden Bookcase Bookshelf 12 Compartments Equipped With Sliding Door...

£ 449.95 £ 579.95

Bookcase Bookshelf 3 Shelves And Door Grey Natural Oak Design CORE

£ 189.95 £ 259.95

Modular Narrow Bookcase 6 Tier Shelves Grey for Office Home SLIM

£ 179.95 £ 234.95

Bookcase Bookshelf Storage Unit High 6 Shelves Grey Natural Oak Office...

£ 289.95 £ 349.95