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Beach and Camping Tents
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Anti UV camping and beach tents, with openings, screen doors and mosquito nets. Light, easy to carry, install and dismantle. Bags included.

We offer a range of camping and beach tents made with a new advanced and sophisticated UV repellent fabric. Their solid and durable design makes them wind resistant even on the most exposed beach, and also heat repellent even in the warmest hours of the day. These designs are smarter than the average solution, as they can be easily carried around, but they are also very fast to set up, thanks to the inner elastic structure, as well to dismount. The smartest solution for added comfort at the beach, even in those windy ocean's shores. Try it once, you will never leave it home again.

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TENDAFACILE Beach And Camping Tent With UPF 50+ UV Protection and...

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Beach and Camping Shelter with anti UV Fabric and Windproof...

£ 74.95 £ 139.95
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