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Bathroom Suites Furniture
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Complete Bathroom Suites Furniture Sets with Beautiful Fibreglass Pieces and Modern Mirror Cabinets.

Bathtubs with a fine modern design and built with highly resistant and durable materials, such as fibreglass and 100% resin sheet with stainless steel supports. Also, classic bathroom furniture with mirror cabinets that add a unique and elegant character to your bathroom. These bathroom furniture sets come with a lacquered ceramic sink with stainless steel handles fitted in an overall high quality composition coming in many different colours. What we offer is the ideal solution to add style and renovate your bathroom at the best possible online price.

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Free Standing Bathtub in Acrylic with Fibreglass and Stainless Steel...

£ 749.95 £ 999.95

Recessed Bathtub in Acrylic Fibreglass and Stainless Steel Design OZONE

£ 249.95 £ 329.95

Complete Set of Bathroom Furniture: Mirror, Cabinet and Sink in...

£ 109.95 £ 189.95

Free Standing Bathtub Elegant Design Acrylic Fibreglass and Stainless...

£ 749.95 £ 999.95